Projects and partnerships


Culture, Community, Connection

In 2021, the Women’s Wellbeing Hub (WWH) in Moreton Bay reached out to women from multicultural backgrounds. We wanted to know how best we can welcome and support women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds both at the hub and in your communities.  

As part of our CCC project, the hub held focus groups in Morayfield in September to November. These focus groups supported women from a variety of cultural backgrounds to connect with other women from diverse backgrounds and assisted the WWH to meet their needs.


In the second half of 2021, CADA ran a special young people’s project called Fierce which aimed to support domestic and family violence services to tailor services to young people. The goal was to inspire and empower young women to build safe and healthy relationships.  

The project ran online focus groups with young people aged 16 to 25 and linked with other young peoples’ services such as Redcliffe Youth Service, KYC Morayfield and Young Women for Young Mothers. These focus groups explored questions and issues around healthy, safe and mutual relationships and the red flags for abuse and control in relationships.  

Open to cisgender young women, trans women and LGBTI+ young women aged 16 to 25, the Fierce project also developed peer support groups for young people over an eight-week period in 2021.

Reproductive Coercion

Reproductive coercion involves behaviours that seek to limit or control a woman or pregnant person’s choices about pregnancy and reproductive health or use of contraception.  

Emerging evidence is showing that reproductive coercion is experienced by 32.5% of Queensland women disclosing domestic and family violence. Overseas, prevalence is reported as ranging from 9% of women in America and 18.5% of partnered women in rural France.  

In 2021, CADA’s Reproductive Coercion project developed resources to support clients and practitioners to recognise and respond to reproductive coercion.

Safe Connections

The Safe Connections – Early Years Linkages Project aims to improve outcomes for families in the Moreton Region experiencing domestic and family violence and associated child protection issues. The project was funded by Mercy Creative Communities fund and run by CADA.  It focused on early intervention, collaboration and best practice responses.

The project team worked in professional development across the neo-natal and early childhood spaces with a view to improve the wellbeing of children prior to commencing school. The goal was to build capacity of professionals working with children to recognise and respond to indicators of young children experiencing domestic violence. The Safe Connections project won a Queensland Child Protection Week Award in 2021.


Churches of Christ

CADA employs a DFV specialist practitioner to work in the Intensive Family Support Service (IFSS).

Mercy Communities

CADA employs a DFV specialist practitioner to work in the Family and Child Connect (FaCC).

Moreton Bay Community Consortium

CADA provides the Strengthening Family Connections counselling service.

Uniting Care Community

CADA provides the Partner Advocate for the Men Choosing Change program run by Uniting Care Community.