What is domestic and family violence?

Domestic and family violence (DFV) or abuse is when one person uses violent and/or coercive control tactics to exercise power and control over another person in an intimate or family relationship. Statistics show domestic violence is most often perpetrated by men against women. However, anyone can be a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence.

Domestic and family violence occurs in a repeated pattern over a period of time and is not limited to physical violence.  It includes coercive control behaviours used to have a hold over someone and hurt their self-worth and their sense of freedom and independence.

Types of abuse may include:

Pensive woman sitting and reflecting with hands covering mouth. Woman is wearing a light brown jumper and multi-coloured headband, she has dark brown hair tied in a bun and dark skin.

Every state and territory in Australia has legislation making domestic and family violence unlawful. Read the Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act here